Agata Maszkiewicz

Agata Maszkiewicz was born in 1981 in Poland, she is a choreographer, performer and dancer. In 2009 she graduated from the Institute of Dance Arts at the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität in Linz, Austria (Master of Arts). Before starting professional education in the field of dance she was a student of Applied Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw.  She is a recipient of the DanceWeb 2006 scholarship program. From January till June 2007 she continued her education in the Centre Choreoghraphique National (CCN) in Montpellier as a participant of the ex.e.r.ce program (under the guidance of Xavier Le Roy). She works, among others, with a collective Superamas (You dream, BIG3 happy/end, Casino), Ivana Muller (60 minutes of opportunism) and creates her own work (installationsnowflakes, solo POLSKA, short performance From A to P, a dance duet Don Kiewicz & Sancho Waniec, performance Duel). She collaborated with Anne Juren, Marian Baillot and Alix Eynaudi on the piece Komposition. Together with Alix Eynaudi, she created a video performance The Visitants and later – a play Long long short long short. Her last production Duel had its premiere in November 2013 in TQW, Vienna. Since 2012 Agata is supported by a modul dance program.

Having a dance education, she focused her interest on the body, movement and choreography in a wide sense. She sees the latter generally as an organisation of thoughts, ideas, sounds, images, objects, bodies etc. in time and space. When working on physicality she always tries to refer to a wider, socio-political frame. What interests her are historical, economic and social conditions that shape the discourses the body is wrapped with, as she believes that it plays an important role in how we imagine ourselves and the communities we live in. She is trying to shake that imagination. In her artistic research she occupied herself with tracing social patterns and habits of thinking. First she wants to deconstruct them, breaking them down into pieces, and later puts them together in another constellation, often making unconventional connections.  She does this to disturb the classic way of looking and dealing with things. By doing so, she wishes to challenge the audience proposing unconventional universes that are at the same time strongly linked to the everyday reality. And she tries not to give too many answers or guidelines.