Agata Siniarska

agata, daughter of malgorzata (siniarska) an exceptional young woman with many talents and a criminal past.

She works as a choreographer, dramaturg, performer, actress, film director, video maker with many exquisite adventures and her work was shown in many festivals around Europe. She was born not a princess since the blood of her father didn’t legitimize any social status, but in a little village, in central Poland, under the communist regime. From the beginning her conscious choices were pointed towards art that is connected with pain, agony, disease and love. She studied literature at Warsaw University as well as acting at Acting School. In the meantime she was trying many different kinds of theatrical forms. In 2009 she got a prestigious scholarship Dance WEB in Vienna and in the same year she ended up studying choreography in Amsterdam, which she stopped due to her political activitism that was strongly discouraged by the school. Before that she has already taken part in pieces by Deborah Hay, Ann Liv Young, Michele Rizzo.

Within these hard times her career inside the cinematic frame has started with Fritz Lang movie Metropolis where she created a role of Maria, the pure-at-heart teacher and the machine-version of her. After that Andrei Tarkovsky proposed her a role of Neutrina Girl in his Solaris claiming that this character was created only for her. At the Cannes Film Festival, Solaris won the Grand Prix Spécial du Jury and Siniarska was nominated for the Best Actress Award. From that moment her career started to bloom. In 2008 she met Michelangelo Antonioni with whom she made three movies, L’Aventura, La Notte and L’eclisse. in the same year she started to be passionate weather reporter in a Dutch left wing radio station.

In 2010 after news of the sudden death of Antonioni, siniarska completely paralized by this terrible information, left the cinematic frame and she became a student of choreography in Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz in Berlin. In that time it became obvious that siniarska suffers from strong addiction to fiction and compulsive lying. Her addiction became more and more dangerous to her and her surroundings.

In 2011 under the name of jean luc godard and created few movies, where she has also played main role, iter alia Une Femme est une femme, Pierrot le fou, Alphaville and Made in U.S.A. In 2012 together with Diego Agullo, she started video series those three little words, and with roni katz and ana jelusic feminist collective “female trouble”.  In 2013 she has received the scholarship of the Polish Ministry of Culture “Mloda Polska” and the residential programme Solo Project in Old Brewery New Dance where she created solo work death 24 frames per second or do it to me like in a real movie which she  will contineu another many years. Agata, under cover, became a face of Tanzplatform Deutschland 2014.

Her artistic approach towards the project Identity.Move! comes from a question why “me/my identity” is associated with a skimpy bra. She asks herself - what does “me” have to do with skimpy and bra? And why they are always so touching, why do they become so personal and desirable? A desire. An identity as a desire. A desire in itself. I am not sure if I even have one, she says, and then immediately it becomes mine.

Generally speaking, how she understands “me-identity-and others” is a certain mode of aestheticism. It is one way of seeing the world as an aesthetic phenomenon. That way, the way of identity is not in terms of beauty but in terms of the degree of artifice, of stylization. Not only is there an identity-vision. Identity is also a quality discoverable in objects and the behavior of persons.