Prague, Czech Republic

Activities generated by ALT@RT cover three principal categories. The most visible one is an open platform theatre that presents original projects of well-known artists, new talents and amateur groups. ALT@RT provides rehearsal space for work and research long-term residencies or short arrangements for independent artists, rehearsals, regular trainings of amateur groups, etc. There are also educational activities and courses dedicated to dance and alternative theatre professionals, as well as open movement classes and workshops for broad public. ALT@RT organizes festivals, seminars and movement courses.

ALT@RT aims to facilitate artists’ professional development, to offer a platform merging professional art with leisure activities, to link artists from the movement and alternative theatre and contemporary dance companies and to present their works to the public. ALT@RT inspires cultural activity and creativity. Providing professional support educates young people and stimulates their motivation to create their own cultural and social events. The main activity of the organisation is to run Studio ALTA.