Andis Geste

Andis Geste is a body therapist, a lecturer and a performer. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Latvian Technical University in Riga, he received an education to be a veterinary surgeon at the Latvian Agricultural University and he was studying Body Psychotherapy at the Latvian School of Body Therapy in Riga, as well as Psychotherapy at the Ecole Française d’Analyse Psycho-Organique in Paris. 

As a lecturer and a performer he recently participated in various cultural events, such as the Contemporary Art Festival ‘Survival Kit’ and the Sand Sculpture Festival. After working as a veterinary surgeon until 2004, Andis was a psychotherapist where he conducted group therapy with HIV positive people and former drug addicts. Later he was the President of the Latvian Association of Body Psychotherapists. Since 2004 he has his private practice as a psychotherapist. For the last three years he has been participating in a private psychotherapy project working on new approaches in non-transference psychotherapy. He also likes to keep up with different traditions in massage and body therapy. Recently he published a novel Sestais atols.