Athens LAB schedule

1st September 2014

Arrival of artists: Alina Popa, Florin Flueras, Andis Geste, Krišjānis Sants and Ana Dubljević.

2nd September 2014

Welcoming meeting with Pavlina Veremi - Director of the School.  Discussion, gaining awareness, questions. Start work.

3rd September 2014

Individual work.

4th September 2014

Coaching with Natasha Hassiotis: “Multiple identities in the shadow of Greek myths-multi-layered identities from the Antiquity to present day”.

5th Spetember 2014

Coaching with Natasha Hassiotis.

6th Spetember 2014

Coaching and individual work.

7th September 2014

Arrival of an artist - Milan Marković Matthis.

8th September 2014

Individual work.

9th September 2014

Individual work. Ballet performance at Herod's Atticus theatre.

Discussion of politics and the identity of dance in regard to changes at the Athens Festival's locations.

The role of the Roman Odeon that shaped the identity of culture in the past 50 years. “From post-civil war Athens to today.”  

10th September 2014

Coaching with Georgia Voudouri, “Embodied perceptions of space.”

11th September 2014

Coaching with Georgia Voudouri, “Embodied perceptions of space.” 

Coaching with Konstantinos Mihos, “Re-thinking of Democracy and identity-the meaning and impact of collective decision making and this issue in the times of crisis (Collectives in the years 2009-2012). Also: “Contemporary identities of the city and dance”.

12th September 2014

Coaching with Konstantinos Mihos.

(Visits at co-operative theatre “Embros” and the city).

13th September

Coaching with Konstantinos Mihos.

14th September 2014

Open show. 

15th September

Individual work and coaching with Iris Karayan on compositional issues. 

16th September 2014

Coaching with Iris Karayan.

17th September 2014

Individual work.

18th September 2014

Arrival of artists: Agata Maszkiewicz and Albena Baeva.

Individual work.

"Thesmophoria Women" by Aristophanes, in Greek, at Nea Smyrni open theatre.

19th September 2014

Individual work. Visit to summer open cinema.

20th September 2014

Open show.

21th September 2014

Individual work. 

22th September 2014

Individual work. Visit to Benaki museum. 

23th September 2014

Individual work.

24th September 2014

Individual work

25th September 2014

“Αrchitecture of greek modernism in Athens ”- walk with Manolis Iliakis through Athens.

26th September 2014

Individual work. Visit to the Byzantine Museum.

27th September 2014

Individual work

28th September 2014

Open show. 

29th September 2014

Sum-up, discussion, Q's and A's.

30th September 2014

Departure 6 artists: 

1st October 2014

Individual work remaining pair.

2nd October 2014

The tour around Athens to catch-up with missed spots, discussions, individual work.

3rd October 2014

Coaching with Georgia Voudouri “Embodied perceptions of space” 

4th October 2014

Individual work-Open show - or on Sunday t.b.c. 

6th-7th October 2014

Individual work

8th October 2014 

Open show.

9th October 2014

Sum-up, Discussion, Q's and A's.

10th October 2014

Departure of artists.