Curator's statement by Iris Karayan

Some thoughts, issues and key words that I consider relevant in the project:

Artistic identity/cultural identity/past, present, future

Interaction of theory and practice, concept and action / what you do – what others read

How to approach identity in contemporary multicultural societies

Physical identity: the body, choreographic identity

How to read signs/texts/image

How to work with the sensorial and ephemeral nature of performance when addressing the issue of identity

Is there coherence in collective identity

What about recreation and re-enactment

How to rethink the past and plan the future

Context: social/political issues

European identity

The most interesting element of IDENTITY.MOVE! is its interdisciplinary and multicultural approach. The integration of dance professionals and others, long-term collaboration, mobility within the Eastern Belt of the European Union and the opportunity to develop through collaboration, new practices and methodologies among dance artists.