East European Performing Arts Platform (EEPAP)

Warsaw-Lublin, Poland

East European Performing Arts Platform is an organization supporting further development of performing arts (dance and theatre) in Central and Eastern Europe. The project has been designed in particular for makers, curators, people running independent artistic centres and festivals and for theorists from 19 countries, including the Balkan and Eastern Partnership countries.

The aim of EEPAP is to support international exchange among artists and activists and facilitate development of educational programs focused on performing arts. The project’s main activities are:

•running a platform – website serving as a tool for exchange of knowledge, contacts and experiences of the platform’s members (workshops, seminars, labs)

•an educational program Desant focussing on the social and political context of contemporary art in Eastern Europe

•a varied offer of residency programs for theatre makers, choreographers, young managers and producers organized in partnership with major centres and festivals;

•research projects in contemporary performing arts (dictionary of terms, reports on performing arts organization).

EEPAP cooperates closely with the leading dance and theatre centres in Europe.