Ewan McLaren

Czech Republic

Currently artistic director of the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre, Ewan McLaren is a live arts curator, producer and director. Originally from Calgary, Canada, Ewan has contributed to developing the Czech independent live arts scene. Following eight years as a freelance director in many different Prague repertory theatres, Ewan worked as apprentice producer with Daniel MacIvor's dada kamera company in Toronto and the One Yellow Rabbit company in Calgary and produced Calgary's High Performance Rodeo Festival of Innovative Performance for two years.

He has produced and co-organized many independent performance projects and events in Prague, ranging from work for the Prague Quadrennial and Tanec Praha to Motus, producers of the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre. With Miroslav Bambušek he is co-creator of the Energy Pathways cycle of site-specific works on the history of Central Europeans working with energy resources, including Miner's Day (Zdař Bůh!) at the Michal Mine in Ostrava (2009), for which he and co-director Bambušek received the Czech Theatre News Award.