Georgia Voudouri

Georgia Voudouri is an architect and an installation art curator based in Athens, Greece. After studying Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens (2007) she specialized in Parametric Design and Digital Fabrication Techniques at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in Spain (2008). During her studies there, she had the opportunity to apply high-end digital design and construction techniques in the production of small-scale pavilions, integrating adaptive and interactive technologies. Through the implementation of sensorial systems embedded in each construction that can respond to external data and changes, she started recognizing space as an ever-changing,performative interface. Following that, she took an MSc in Cultural Management from the Panteion University, Athens (2013), where she expanded her vision of spatial and artistic creation as a continuum with socio-economical and cultural aspects. In 2013 she co-founded the creative team medianeras, offering concept, curation and communication services.
In the past years she has curated various artistic projects such asYpo Kataskevi (2012), Art-A Topografies (2012), RoomstoArt (2012) and apomechanes: nonlinear design strategies (2011). She has participated in international research projects and installations in the field of digital space and form production (Hyperhabitat, Venice Biennale of Architecture, 2008, Parametric Synthesis Workshop, Istanbul, 2010), and has contributed in conferences concerning the contemporary mediatic character of material culture [The New Sensorium-(2012), Hybrid City (2013)]. Her research interests include the Performative Spatial Analysis of Installation Art, the experimental use of Digital Tools in Architecture and Art and Site-Specific creation. Being an amateur dancer herself, she is interested in the corporeal cognition of space and the use of qualitative data as space design parameters [Meeting point of Architecture and Dance Workshop (2004), Infornation Pavillion System (2008), Ypo Kataskevi (2012)].

The idea of "actors" [human or material] shaping through time and carrying with them their own "roots" which can be expressed in their every form of creation or interaction is central in her latest research; that exactly is the definition of Identity for her, and the point she wants to focus on throughout the Identity!Move project: movement, spontaneity, site-specificity and interactive space. A system of "actors" performing as individual entities and as a whole, placing emphasis more on the definition and differentiation of their patterns of action, than in one specific end-result formation. Voudouri believes that a very interesting and direct way of experiencing localities is to explore the interaction between the body [the ultimate medium of expression for personal and social identity] and spatial structures that are able to "change" according to the locus they are placed at.