The Association of the Professional Contemporary Dance Choreographers of Latvia (HA)

Riga, Latvia

Founded in 2003, the Association of the Professional Contemporary Dance Choreographers in Latvia (HA) has been run by Latvian contemporary dance choreographers, dancers and teachers.

In 2011 the online magazine "DANCE.LV Journal" ( was established as a platform for information, analysis and discussion about professional dance events in Latvia and neighbouring countries. It is the one and only publication in Latvia dedicated to dance. "DANCE.LV Journal" is the affiliated partner of a Baltic-Nordic network "Writing Movement".

HA collaborates with international partners and keeps on seeking for new fields in interdisciplinary cooperation. HA was a partner in "E-motional bodies & cities", the project supported by EU.

The association organizes contemporary dance events (e.g. Time To Dance International Festival, International Dance Day) including workshops, lectures and dance performances and less formal Time To Dance improvisations and sketchesallowing space for experiments and JAM sessions. HA offers performances at schools and elders’ houses, workshops and education programs for professionals and amateurs, both in Riga and other places. Being, until 2007, the only company developing professional dance in Latvia, HA has become the producer of "Olga Zitluhina Dance Company". The association serves as the supporting and consulting body for its members and closely cooperates with the Latvian Academy of Culture (