Ivana Gojmerac

Ivana Gojmerac was born in 1986. She studied in the High Music School in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and then at the Music Academy of Sarajevo at the University of Sarajevo. There she obtained an M.A. degree in Methodology of music teaching and Dance/movement therapy for children with disorders. She is currently doing doctoral studies in this field at the Faculty of Pedagogy. Gojmerac also works as a teacher of classic ballet at the Elementary Ballet School. Gojmerac’ professional experience is focused on dance and music therapy in various schools and on teaching ballet, also to young children. Since 2008 she has published papers in various magazines, primarily on dance and music therapy. In 2014, her book, Dance-music therapy for children with special needs, is to be published in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Her artistic and professional interests include also singing and choreography.

Gojmerac says that she has many identities because of the several jobs that she has – a ballet teacher, contemporary dancer, dance therapist, and senior assistant at the Faculty of Social Sciences. She is a daughter, sister, wife, teacher, friend, pedagogue… A Bosnian, Balkan and a European girl. These are all her identities and this is who she is. She has conducted dance therapy with people with mental and physical disabilities who were expressing their identity by move or dance. She is currently working with blind and deaf people, whom she helps to express their identity through contemporary dance with professional dancers. She perceives our every move as a move towards our own identity. Every our feeling, memory and thought comes from the subconscious to our body and represents all our identities, which we express through movement. If every artist is a unique set of identities, the dance they perform is unique and very authentic. Artistic identity is also conditioned by the time and place from which it comes (it could also be in a local context), and in which it is at the moment, it produces movement. It creates artistic identity, which leads to movement.