Jaro Viňarský

Jaro Viňarský was born in 1978 in Slovakia. He studied Choreography of Ballet at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia and Choreography at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Czech Republic.  Since 1998 he has collaborated as a dancer and performer, as well as choreographer with various artists from Slovakia and from abroad (e.g. making a dance movie) as well as with the Grotowski Institute in Poland. He also gives dance workshops, mainly to non-professional dancers. Jaro received several awards including the 2nd award of the Jarmila Jeřábková Award in Prague in 2001 and 2003 for Sorton and Tea Never Brewed, respectively. In 2004 he received The Audience Award at the Czech Dance Platform and the Award of Sazka for “Discovery in Dance” in 2006, both for his work The Last Step Before. In 2011 Jaro founded a non-profit organization SKOK! working for the development of contemporary dance and physical theatre in Slovakia. The themes of the workshops that he did in collaboration with other artists included group work, partnering, dance and space, dance and its dynamics, form and content in movement, dance and circus in performance, Alexander and Feldenkrais technique, movement and voice, Merce Cunningham – composition techniques, improvisation and composition, light design in dance performances.

In his last two pieces, Jaro was exploring identity and the human body. In the 2013 duet dance performance XIRA he asks the question „If your awareness can be visualised as a spectrum from an internal or private consciousness to an external spatially expansive consciousness, where are the possibilities to form relationships to others?” For him, XIRA is “a moment in the complex memory register, shared by two people, brought back to reexamine the corporeality of their first meeting, a documentation of an uncommon intimacy, the identity of a human being who has not been gendered by society”. His 2012 physical performance, ANIMALINSIDE, explores “body language painting called forth by the apocalyptic battle with memory thoughts ideas and imaginations on human kind on power on God on senses on beauty on dreaming on love wolves and other animal forms inside us the howling in bodies in the space of cruel time. Physical images from fine arts and a textual world of the unspeakable emotional states of mind languages and bodies pushed over the borders of their own comprehension the game of arresting the audience's nervous system.” 

Last year Jaro received The Bessies 2013, The New York Dance and Performance Awards in category Outstanding Performance in Pavel Zustiak Palissimo’s Bastard at La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival. "A coiled bolt of energy capable of captivating stillness and explosive physicality, he made every moment harrowing, sharp and urgent."