Keith Hennessy

Performer, choreographer, teacher and activist. Born in Canada, he lives in San Francisco and tours internationally. His interdisciplinary research engages improvisation, ritual and public action as tools for investigating political realities. Hennessy was a member of the collaborative performance companies: Contraband (with Sara Shelton Mann), CORE, and Cahin-caha, cirque bâtard. Recent awards include the USA Kjenner Fellowship, a NY Bessie, and two Isadora Duncan Dance Awards. 

He'll coach I.M! artists: Georgia Vodouri, Halka Třešňáková, Ivana Gojmerac, Jaro Viňarský, László Fülöp and Petra Tejnorová in Poznan.

Queering modernism / performing improvisation / dancing circles - Keith Hennessy Workshop in Poznan

The state is a condition, a certain relationship between human beings, a mode of behavior; we destroy it by contracting other relationships, by behaving differently toward one another... Gustav Landauer
How do we practice new ways of being together? Queer failure, endurance shaking, ritual dying, anarchist utopia, embodied resistance… The dance studio as a laboratory for bodies, objects, feelings, ideas, performance... Inspired by queer practices, identities, activism, and utopia, we will explore dancing for the collective, dancing alone, dancing as art, dancing as protest, dancing as meditation, dancing as experience, dancing as…
The workshop will be open for the external participants.