Krišjānis Sants

Krisjanis Sants was born in 1989. He has a degree in arts in the Department of Contemporary Dance at the Latvian Academy of Culture and is about to finish his studies in P.A.R.T.S. (Performing Art Research and Training Studio). Krisjanis’ dance experience encompasses teaching in dance schools since 2006 and later in the Latvian Academy of Culture. As a student, Krisjanis took part in various dance, composition and theatre workshops. Krisjanis’ work as a choreographer since 2009 includes solo and duet dances in Riga and Brussels, also video dances and recently dances for seven and for twenty. Since 2007 he has been a performer in student performances and one film, as well as repertory workshops, many of them in Brussels, Ostend and Antwerp. Krisjanis’professional and artistic experience outside the field of dance includes being the Artistic Director of the Latvian Dance Association since 2013, being head of the Student Parliament in the Latvian Academy of Culture, and a regular participant of the annual traditional Latvian culture and family drum-up 3x3. The international environment and the critical thinking of the school has made Krisjanis in his recent works focus on both international and on the contrary his own local identity. In his Circul Duet he was looking for a simple repetitive movement that where ever it was perceived it would still feel local. In his series of dances, titled Ornament works, Krisjanis was exploring compositional patterns present in Latvian traditional culture and looking for the ways to transmit the knowledge into contemporary dance.

Together with Andis Geste, Krisjanis is trying to create a common ground for identity surveillance. Krisjanis and Andis are interested in the phenomenon of transferring projections. This time, the artists propose the idea of projecting various identities on an audience. The shift in the spectators’ identities creates an emotional feedback which in turn impacts the artists. Now, it is time to observe the changes and notice the way the artists are performing for various audiences, who are being projected upon with various identities. Krisjanis and Andis are also interested in the new European identity which is still under construction and constantly shifting as new countries are joining the European Union.