L1 Association

Budapest, Hungary

Founded in 1998 (officially 2002), as an alliance of independent Hungarian dancers, L1 Association from the very beginning has been promoting  on  contemporary dance by supporting  the productions and presenting the works of talented Hungarian and foreign artists.

L1 Contemporary Dance Festival (L1danceFest), considered being the most important annual event of the Association, has gradually developed into a carefully selected European muster of unique contemporary dance and theatre projects. Its general aim is to import new creative thinking and progressive art practices to Hungary. L1danceFest since 2002 is widely recognized as a significant annual platform of international artists who posses strong desire to preserve diversity and to recast the role of creativity, arts and culture in contemporary societies. In 2011 L1 Association refreshed itself and invited visual artists, fine artists, musicians and art managers as well to join the association's work. The Association's primary goal is to support innovative, unconventionally thinking and courageously experimenting artists.

L1 Association is interested in creating circumstances for high quality performances (visual arts, performing arts and dance), managing the career of the association’s members as well as supporting freelance artists. The association considers its educative activity of significant importance therefore it puts special emphasis on the funding of national and international study tours and festival visits, residency programs for early­ stage artists and on the organization of various workshops, discussions and forums.

On the long run L1 Association aims at operating a contemporary dance and art centre in a welcoming, open environment.

With the artistic leadership of Márta Ladjánszki the Association cooperate in EU projects as well as Visegrad projects since the beginning.