Summer-Autumn 2014:

Poznan - Poland

Prague - Czech Republic

Essen - Germany

Athens - Greece

The LAB phase of IDENTITY.MOVE! is about to start and now is the right moment to sum up what the whole project is about and how it is going to develop.

Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? And why?

We are artists, thinkers, researchers, curators, producers from 14 Central and East European countries who are meeting to develop a transnational platform for theoretical and artistic research in the field of contemporary dance in the wider sense.

In September 2013 IDENTITY.MOVE! was put into motion with a Kick-Off Meeting in Athens, where representatives of dance organizations from 14 European countries and 8 curators met to discuss the initial idea of a process-oriented dance research project. The organizations spread the news among local artists of their countries asking for applications for research laboratories. From the applications 24 artists were chosen by the curatorial team, at least one from each of the participating countries, some of the already applying as pairs, others getting paired in the course of the curatorial process. A Symposium in Lublin in March 2014 brought all the participants together for the first time to get to know each other, share first ideas and follow inspiring performances and lectures.


During the LAB phase, artists set up experimental processes to address questions of identity through artistic means using the body in space, at four different LABs in the region.

Artists in the project are focused on process and artistic research, not final productions. The process itself and artistic research are central, and although artists are challenged to make their research tangible, the platform is not product-driven.

The aim of the LABs is to strengthen artistic awareness by exploring unknowns, by going beyond the obvious, by challenging what is taken for granted about issues related to the highly problematic term of identity.

We consider identity to be in fact a construct, a process which is constantly undergoing construction, de-construction and re-construction, and one of the ways this construct is materialized is through a process of communication.

The target is unknown – let’s go for it!