Leja Jurišić

Leja Jurišić (1978) is a graduate in The Science of Law. She trained sports gymnastics and won the title of National Champion of Yugoslavia in 1991. Jurišić created critically acclaimed solo R’z'R (2005). With Teja Reba she created Between Us (2009), Sofa (2010), and in 2013 The Second Freedom, The fountaine and Life after conceptual art. Her latest solo performance Ballet of Revolt was premiered in Tanzquartier Wien (2012). Debut solo R’z'R has won Jurišić special jury award at Festival Gibanica (2005). Between Us was selected for Slovenian biennale Gibanica (2011), festival Mladi levi (2011) and has until now gained more than 47.000 Vimeo plays. Ballet of Revolt was selected for Gibanica (2013) and received favorable review by the prominent Vienna based critic Helmut Ploebst. In tandem with Teja Reba she won Ksenija Hribar’s Award for Promising Choreographers in 2013, their work was presented at U3 Triennale of Slovenian Contemporary Art, the Biennale Online Artplus New York etc. Jurišić is one of the selected choreographers in the european project Modul-dance, coordinated by Mercat de les Flors. Beside working as a choreographer Jurišić as a dancer and performer collaborates with artists such as Forced Entertainment (The Last Adventures, 2013), Sebastijan Horvat (Utopija I and II, 2009), Janez Janša (Fake it!, 2008) and Meg Stuart (It’s not Funny, 2007).

Leja Jurišić understands making and presenting art as a response to repressed unconscious elements at individual and social level. Her works necessarily communicate  through high physical and psychological intensities. It is an expression of courage, going beyond the conventions, while simultaneously embodying sincerity and vulnerability. The body being the main expressive medium in her work the attention to the body and the corporal is understood as the issue of marginalized discourse in nowadays society. As choreographer she closely collaborates with visual artist Petra Veber where the questions of visual and performing art have an intense dialogue. As tandem she often works with performer and choreographer Teja Reba. The contents of their works are propositions usually concerned by the relationship between two physical, emotional and political bodies that always move up and down the edge. This edge is meant in an aesthetic and political sense in terms of implementation. By doing this, they also question feminisms, the feminine body and the relevant political and social issues.