Motus o.s. / Alfred ve dvoře

Prague, Czech Republic

Motus provides a home for the living arts both in the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre and outside of it, a place for the public to gather and encounter the work of innovating artists. It is dedicated to independent performance creators who wish to surprise and engage audiences on new levels. Every year it provides space and support for creation of four to six works, selected from submissions to an annual open call. In addition to helping create and to present new performances, live art works and other creative acts, Motus presents selected projects from other Czech cities, European and international projects, runs debates and workshops, and initiates events beyond theatre: cultural development activities for an open, democratic society.

Motus keeps on working to strengthen ties with independent artist and independent production houses in the countries of the "Eastern Belt". Its new goal is to help create a small network for the co-production of Central and East European performing artworks of the highest standard.