Multi-year project for European movement artists culminates in Prague

The first Bazaar Festival will take place in Prague. The new festival will showcase provocative visions of 24 artists from 14 Central, Eastern, and Southern European countries.

The Bazaar Festival is part of the Identity.Move! project. The festival’s accompanying program features evening performances from guest ensembles and artists, along with workshops, talks and informal events.

Bazaar Festival

When: March 18–24
Where: Studio Alta, Alfred ve dvoře, Ponec, Parkhotel Praha.

The festival is centered on the theme of personal, social, or political identity. It asks how artists from countries across Europe perceive their own individual and collective identities. Artists explored this theme in contemporary dance and related performing arts during research labs organized as part of the project. 

The artists include Lithuanian choreographer Agnija Seiko, body-based art adventurers Alina Popa and Florin Flueras from Romania, the dance and art performance duo Leja Jurisic and Teja Reva from Slovenia as well as Halka Třešňáková, a performer from the Czech Republic.

“I was attracted by the fact that there would be people of various ages from 14 countries taking part in the project and that the subject of identity is being approached as a dialogue, as well as by the fact that the project offers time for research. In recent years there has been so little money for creative work that from the outset I have to concentrate on the production and everything is geared towards the final ‘product.’ Whereas here I have the opportunity to examine identity from various angles,” Halka Třešňáková said in a press release.

The festival opens March 18, with Old Chaos, New Order by Russian-Austrian performance artist Oleg Soulimenko. It examines arts in Eastern Europe, where Western cultural framework now dominate.

The main event of the festival is the Saturday Bazaar on March 21 in Studio Alta where works by all the artists will be presented over the course of several hours.

The Bazaar Festival will then culminate with the production of a new work by Slovak choreographer and dancer Peter Šavel titled Bakkheia about isolation and the inability to form truly close relationships with others.

The Identity.Move! project is an international platform supporting theoretical and artistic research into identity through contemporary dance and the related performing arts. This is a two-year project supported by the Culture Program of the European Union and coordinated by the Goethe Institute in Warsaw, the civic association Motus / Alfred ve dvoře Theatre in Prague, the East European Performing Arts Platform, the Centre for Culture in Ljubljana, and the State School of Dance in Athens.