Natasha Hassiotis


Dance critic and a scholar. She studied law in Athens and obtained her MA in Dance Studies (1991) at the University of Surrey. She taught Dance History at the Greek Department of the Laban Centre for Movement & Dance (Athens), the Isadora & Raymond Duncan Research Centre (Athens) and currently teaches at the State School of Dance. Her theoretical interests as a scholar and a lecturer cover education and new technologies, dance and politics, gender issues, psychoanalysis and folk culture.

She has worked as a free-lance dance critic and contributed to various newspapers and magazines. She has written numerous program texts for Athens Concert Hall, Kalamata International Dance Festival, Athens Festival. She directed a documentary film "Contemporary Dance in Greece in the 20th Century" (2001) and presented her own TV program on dance ("Simple Steps" on Channel Seven X), she also runs two radio shows, on dance ("Do you dance?" at Pharos) and politics ("Power Games" at En Lefko Radio). Natasha is an author of video-dance short films.