The National School of Dance

Athens, Greece

The Greek National School of Dance offers the exciting world of movement, where art is a way of life. The school adheres to values, which has permitted to establish a 40-year tradition in training professionals in contemporary dance in Greece. Great emphasis has been always placed on welcoming and accommodating all on-site visitors, who might be tomorrow’s enthusiasts in the art of dance and potential students in the school.

Fascinated by a vision for developing a continuous search for non-still new forms and dynamics, the school has formed an open art-community, always ready to respond to the challenges of today’s world by staying devoted to the highly artistic nature of its mission; to provide Greek cultural scene with well-educated dancers, choreographers and dance instructors, able to both perceive and incorporate new things at the pace set by today’s world. At the National School of Dance discipline and hard work – both of which are fundamental principles in conquering the art of dance – are also the elements helping students free their creativity within an environment of enthusiasm and cooperation.