Nives Sertić and Sonja Pregrad - Rearranging (and) the self-arranged

Research presentation / workshop / performance

This work in progress is a result of the IDENTITY.MOVE! residency program. The project deals generally with topics of identity, process and connecting Eastern European dance institutions, but it is also connecting dance artists with artists of other disciplines.

For Nives and Sonja, the question of identity is also a question of relation(ship) and the way we reflect the ones who we are in a relation(ship) with. Friends and collaborators are building a research on the relation of two media (dance and video/film), two bodies, two identities, two of them. A question of relationship between two media and two women. About how subject and object are dancing together in a sentence, on stage or in the picture. About the need to create "art", an attempt to arrange or simplify something outside (of yourself) which is already (naturally) self-arranged.

We understand that the medium of camera/recording manipulates the reality of the body in front of the camera, but the dispositive is also affecting the body behind the camera. What is the relationship between the body in front of and behind the camera - in and outside of the picture? What is the relationship of body-medium and its reflection in the medium of camera, but also the relation of the recorded image and its reflection in the corporality of the body inside the theatre? How do we create empathy in that process of reflecting, incarnating and embodying each other?

Camera is an object in the hand of the cameraman-subject that is recording an object of the person on stage that is subject of its own existence that will be recorded by the object of the camera. Theatre is the object of the performance space and one of the subjects in the living city tissue. In the tissue of nature. In the tissue of earth. In the tissue of the galaxy. In the tissue of the universe. Seed is the universe. The smallest self-organized universe that reflects the universe around itself: I am looking at you while you are looking at me while you are being looked at by the audience and you are looking back at them and us together while we are trying to clarify our mutual relationshipand how is that relationship in a relationship with the seedthat reflects the universe...