Nives Sertić

Nives Sertić was born in 1984 in Dubrovnik, Croatia where she graduated from the Luka Sorkočević Art High School. Nives graduated in 2009 from the Department of Animated Film and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. During and after her studies she has been intensively working on a multimedia and interdisciplinary approach to arts. Nives was the main coordinator of The Academy as a laboratory project on the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts. She participated in a number of group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad. She realised many collaborations with the theatre and dance scene. Since 2010 she is a member of HDLU (The Croatian Association of Artists). In late 2009 she started an ongoing work on the interdisciplinary project O MM, focused on history and the recent state of the MM center (Multimedia center) of the University of Zagreb Student Center. From 2009 to 2012 she and the artist Iva Cepanec designed and led the collaborative interdisciplinary platform for young artists and cultural workers Antibiotik at AKC Medika, where she also participated in many group exhibitions. In 2010 she was the coordinator of the Visura aperta festival in Momjan.

Her work can be divided into two main areas: interdisciplinary and research practices and short performative forms.

Within interdisciplinary and collaborative art practices she is interested in creating informal art communities that are functioning as an active group of authors. She takes a community in general as a “social plastic” form that can be re-shaped and re-modeled or at least influenced by the active engagement of an artist or an artist community that takes the responsibility to react to certain community topics. For her, an artist is a person who assumes the role of a detector, researcher, mediator, initiator, live actor and a transformer rather than the one of an illustrator.

She also wants to transfer active engagement to the audience when she includes them directly in the process of artwork by creating/completing it. This way every participant becomes an artist, a co-creator and a transformer of the society.
It may be an opposite definition, but not mutually exclusive with the previous one, for Nives an artist is also a poet who influences their surroundings with poetic and ludic art works and methods that show different world perspectives. She also expresses interest in small, short, temporary forms and actions, which are happening in a given moment through intuitive and spontaneous gestures.

By saying that medium is of no importance to her, Nives wants to say that the medium comes from a situation that an artist is currently in and that it is the situation that governs the usage of materials or certain forms of action.