The internet portal, which exists since 2004, creates an active space for communication in contemporary art and is a leader in this area in Poland. The publisher is the Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle but “Obieg” is not a promotion tool for this institution – it presents, comments on and stimulates the activity of all artistic scenes in Poland and attempts to capture selected phenomena in world art. The objectives of the editors are to integrate the art scene, to expand its cognitive horizons and support demanding art criticism made with passion, as well as to make a conscious audience emerge.

The magazine addresses the issues of contemporary art in a broad sense and its publications are aimed at professionals – artists, critics and art curators – as well as at those who are simply interested in contemporary art. With texts by critics and historians of different generations, the magazine is a database of facts and interpretations which aren’t found either on television, in newspapers, general (or lifestyle) magazines or in book publications. Almost in each of „Obieg’s” 8 windows there is a new article published weekly and the section Krótko (Briefly) contains information about upcoming artistic events updated five times a week. The portal also features the magazine “Artmix sztuka/feminizm/kultura wizualna” (“Artmix art/feminism/visual culture”), made in cooperation with “Obieg”, and 10 blogs.

"Obieg" is dedicated to the circulation of ideas rather than money, the asset of this magazine is its readers, especially those who are or may become fans of contemporary art. “Obieg’s” profit is the active participation in art on the part of its readers. In 2013 the magazine recorded an average of 150,000 visits a month.

Editorial staff: Grzegorz Borkowski (editor-in-chief), Jan Koźbiel, Marcin Krasny, Aleksandra Polisiewicz (, Sabina Winkler-Sokołowska (advertising)