Sonja Pregrad

Sonja Pregrad is an author and performer. She is currently living between Berlin and Zagreb, making a new work A dance in 2043/4 with Willy Prager, teaching at the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts, Department for Animated Film and New Media, SMASH program in Berlin and co-creating an international interactive dance publication/project TASK with TALA Dance Centre.

In her work she is exploring complexities of shifting performative modes between dance/installation/theatre/lecture/documentary/performance art in order to create the dramaturgy of a parallel reciprocal tension within a position of self as a subject/object. Her work extends over re-inventing body based practices, re-appropriating performance formats, to cultural and political re-action.

She has acquired an MA in Solo/Dance/Authorship at Universitaet der Kunste Berlin as well as a BA at ArtEZ (ex - European Dance Development Centre) in Arnhem (the Netherlands). Her works and collaborations include ‘Transformability’ by Willy Prager and with Willy Prager and Tian Roteweel, ‘Already made theater’ with Nina Kurtela and Igor Koruga, ‘Dishevelled’ with Johanna Chemnitz, solo works ‘Carnival tent rusts in the evening breeze’ and 'Oh my body, if only you were here with me',… and they were performed at Tanztage, EXplore Festival, San Francisco International Festival, Inteatro Festival, Stamsund International Festival, Platforma HR etc.
Since 2007 she is a co-founder and organizer of Improspections, an initiative for affirmation of improvisation as a performing art in Zagreb.

She received scholarships and residencies in Norway, Finland, Italy and Vienna among others. She has further worked with Isabelle Schad, Willi Dorner, Katie Duck (Magpie Cie), Keren Levi, Frederic Gies, Bad Company, Marjana Krajac, Aleksandra Janeva, and other artists, such as visual artist Sanja Ivekovic - performing her performance art work Practice makes a Master (from 1982) at MoMA/New York, AdK/Berlin, BAK/Utrecht, PSI International/Zagreb and ZKM Karlsruhe.

In her 2011 project with Nives Sertić, RZBBKMLBZ, she is trying to deconstruct the one identity into different objectifications that her body can be escaping from within her living room, framed through the eye of the camera and by looking at the camera. This relation between the dancing body and the camera body as both being objects as well as subjects as well as two women, artists and friends is what Nives and Sonja want to keep on exploring during their residency/project in the frame of Identity.Move!.