Stanica Žilina-Záriečie

Žilina, Slovakia

Stanica, established by a non-governmental organization for contemporary arts and culture “Truc sphérique” combines the role of independent venue, artistic lab and activists’ collective. Since 2003, Stanica Cultural Centre has occupied the old train station building, still operating. The centre acts as a culture hub - creative, educative and critical, continuing the story of a small train station, where people stop as they’re passing by, to share news and experiences from their travels. Stanica offers a gallery, workshop and residency space, a cafe, a waiting room, and a multifunctional presentation venue for theatre, dance, concerts, discussions and screenings.

Stanica is not the usual cultural centre in the town or region, but the platform for information, research, and realization of experimental art, cultural and community projects along with international and inter-sector communication. The centre cooperates with other institutions and European networks, including the European network of independent cultural centres “Trans Europe Halles”.