Curator's statement by Natasha Hassiotiss

Having prepared the Kick-off event, I can only say that it was a huge challenge and a huge opportunity – to prepare an event for almost 30 participants on time, to make them feel at home, to ease tension (when and if needed), to cater for them, to show an image of Greece that positions the country where it once was and where it should return, meaning to introduce the guests to a country with dignity and courage amidst adversity.

Preparation phase was really stimulating, carried out at a great speed, sometimes anxiety-generating and often fun (for example when together with my 6 year old daughter I tried out food in restaurants to which I was interested in inviting the participants for dinner.) 

And then, there they came. The curators and associated partners, from so many different countries, all sitting there together, in the main Auditorium of the National School of Dance (the “Black Box” as we call it) engaged in long discussions, in a passionate exchange of opinions, trying to overcome cliches, barriers, trying to establish effective communication, while also detecting possible shortcomings in the planning of the future steps of the project. 

The Kick-off was the first step for establishing trust in the project and in each other; a particularly difficult task since many people from many different countries met for the first time, and have to collaborate while there are so many things that one ignores about the other, and has to dispel possible misconceptions, and create a common ground upon which trust and exchange will ensure the creative process and the outcome of the subsequent stages of IDENTITY.MOVE! 

I shall leave the rest to the photos, but before I close this short statement on the Kick-Off of IDENTITY.MOVE!, I would like to add just two phrases that I posted on Facebook together with some photos, right after the event ended:  

“So glad we spent these days together, in the beautiful space of the National School of Dance. Great atmosphere, creative people, a lot of work, humour, kids and babies, all in a multi-"coloured" community.

Thank you!”