Station Service for contemporary dance

Belgrade, Serbia

Established in 2005, STATION is a grassroots initiative of the contemporary dance and performing arts community in Serbia. STATION’s main goal is to strengthened the community and make it recognizable by cultural and educational decision-makers, state institutions, cultural operators, Balkan and European partners and by broad audience.

STATION aims to provide professional and reasonable working conditions to all active parties on the Serbian and Balkan Region art scene by introducing educational programs and supporting professional development, production, promotion and cultural policy. To successfully deal with this wide range of activities STATION has developed an extensive network of national and international partners.

STATION is a co-founder and member of Nomad Dance Academy, regional platform for development of contemporary performing arts placing strong emphasis on education. (

In 2006 STATION became a co-founder of druga scena (other scene), the Belgrade platform for independent art and culture and, in 2011, of the Association of Independent Cultural Scene of (

STATION promotes internationally Serbian and Balkan contemporary dance artists through the networks and international projects, produces new works and encourages interdisciplinary projects and research.

Since 2007 STATION’s office, exhibition space and a small studio have been located in the independent cultural centre Magacin.