Tala Dance Centre

Zagreb, Croatia

Tala Dance Centre is a non-profit art organization, established on February 2000, founded by Tamara Curić and Larisa Navojec, successful artists, active in the world of modern dance; professional dancers, choreographers and dance pedagogues for many years.

Tala Dance Centre aims to popularize contemporary dance among children, youth and adults and therefore offers various cultural, educational and promotional programs related to contemporary dance. It has also produced over 20 professional performances independently or with guest choreographers.
Tala Dance Centre focuses also on cooperation with foreign dancers, choreographers, theatres, festivals, cultural institutions, centres and organizations in Europe and worldwide. The organization implements a regional program through a network of partners.
Tala Dance Centre is the initiator and organizer of Platforma HR, an international gathering of choreographers, dance artists and groups which, through a wide range of various formats (performances, workshops, lectures, discussions), exchange ideas, experiences, and reflections on dance, while at the same time presenting their creative work. The aim of Platforma HR is to establish, develop and promote local, regional and international cultural cooperation through networking, exchanging and implementing various programs and projects.
Tala Dance Center is organizer of Project TASK. TASK is an interactive project and a publication for the performative art of dance. The project entails the explorative, performative, educational, documentary and graphical aspect. TASK’s idea is to question and transpose knowledge and methods, and also educate young choreographers.
The organisation is a member of a network developing and strengthening contemporary dance scene in Balkans – the Nomad Dance Academy network, Les Reperages network, in Lille, France, NDA CROATIA network, KLIKER network and LONG LIFE BURNING – EU project.