Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tanzelarija is a non-profit cultural association aiming to promote contemporary dance and its artistic and educational aspects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where this form of art and expression is hard to be found. Its' aim is to include contemporary dance in formal dance educational institutions, develop a contemporary dance scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina and at the same time to terminate cultural isolation in the field of dance by promoting cultural exchange with artists from different countries and establishing partnerships with other organisation in the Balkan region.  

Tanzelarija perceives dance as a tool available to everyone, serving to discover, develop and express oneís needs, to connect with the environment and with the others, to improve communication and co-operation, build up self-confidence and creativity, and foster positive change and healing. Contemporary dance connects, heals and inspires. In that context, the association also promotes dance as an informal educational and self-development tool for children and adults alike, and in mixability groups.