Teja Reba

Teja Reba was born in 1978, grew up in both Yugoslavia and France. She studied Arts at the Sorbonne University in Paris and at universities both in India and Japan. She is working in the field of performing arts. She collaborated and toured extensively with the theatre director Janez Janša and lately worked as a performer with Tim Etchels and Forced entertainment. Since 2007, she has developed her own work in collaboration with the choreographer and performer Leja Jurišić with whom they gained public visibility and critical success. They won Ksenija Hribar’s Award for Promising Choreographers in 2013. Since 2010 she has been working closely with Loup Abramovici, with whom they created the event 650 experiences, critically acclaimed as the most thrilling dance piece in 2012 in Slovenia, the puppet performance M.1.2. (2012) produced by Teatro de Ferro in Porto and the Antiproject EatArt (with Bara Kolenc), shown at the U3 Trienale of Slovenian contemporary art (2013).

Since 2013 she is the president of the Association for contemporary dance in Slovenia.

Leja and Teja started developing their creative relationship, when they kept meeting at various dance workshops. They have created dance performances, experimental works and cross format situations. Their first performative action was a cycle of Interventions (2007), where they were intervening without prior notice in artistic, festival and conversational contexts by performing a critical response to their contents. Following was a guerrilla trash performance Pre-christmas dinner (2008), devoted to the incestuosity of the Slovene independent performance scene. The performance took place in Teja's apartment, where the closeness with the spectators left a strong imprint on them, significant for their further work. In 2009 that they have created their first full-length performance Between us, highly acclaimed by audience and critics. One of the scenes was later developed into an autonomous piece named Sofa (2011). Sofa, always created anew for the specific context of hosting events, was until now performed more then 25 times on an incredible variety of occasions. The following years were extremely productive, they participated in different festivals and biennials such as the U3 Triennale of Slovenian Contemporary Art, the Biennale Online Artplus New York, the Biennale of Slovenian dance Gibanica, the Performance space London, Tanzquartier Wien, Subsistances Lyon, Student center Zagreb, Task Zagreb, the International festival Mladi levi, City of women, Exodos and Spider, Performa Maribor, the National theatre of Kranj... They continued presenting experimental interventions and installations, some of them outstandingly powerful and convincingly clean, like the piece inspired by Mr.Mutt and having the same name and recently created a new full-length performance The Second Freedom (2013).

Leja and Teja use the body as their basic medium, which allows them to work and communicate in the most tangible manner possible. Which is why instead of focusing on a dancing or a performing body, they prefer to pay much more attention to the body and the corporal as the issue of marginalized discourse in our society. By doing this, they also touch upon feminisms, the feminine body and the relevant political and social issues.

The contents of their works are propositions usually concerned by the relationship between two physical, emotional and political bodies that always move up and down the edge. This edge is meant in an aesthetic and political sense in terms of implementation. It is an expression of courage, going beyond the conventions when necessary, while simultaneously embodying sincerity and vulnerability.

Jurišič/Reba have a remarkable reactivity to the given situation and a special talent for the customs fee for moderation at the border crossing between the audience and the show. Faced with the certainty of an impermanent limit, they take the temperature of those limits. (Rok Vevar, 2011)