TVP Kultura

Public television channel focused on cultural events and trends.

TVP Kultura is the first thematic channel which was started by the Polish public television network TVP. It was launched on April 24, 2005. 

The channel covers issues connected with arts and culture and focuses on various art disciplines, such as cinema, theatre, music or visual arts.

Apart from following its programme strategy, in 2012 TVP Kultura has become the executive producer of direct coverage of important cultural events, festivals and concerts including the Awards of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage and the gala for the 30th anniversary of Zeszyty Literackie.

In 2006, TVP Kultura won the Hot Bird TV Award, called “the Oscars of television”, for the best European thematic channel in the category Culture / Education. Appreciation for a high quality and an original concept is also a commitment.